Continental Avenue the designated street in DC for any and every type of museum from American History to African American History and Culture our quick turn around trip full of food and fun was one that will definitely go down as a great getaway. Especially since we made it to the African American Museum! Check out my pictures which I’m glad to say have improved!

I often times forget about how fun and exciting weekend, and extended weekend getaways are, our trip tp Baltimore was a quick business/fun 2 day adventure. Yes, you read correctly 2 days I so don’t even count the days of travel those are absolutely no matter how hard I try or how light I pack not fun or apart of the vacation to me.

Deon had to go for work and wanted me to tag along of course I was more than willing our last trip was to Switzerland so lets just say I was overdue. So here was the itinerary for the trip:


- I worked from 6 AM- 3 PM (I cut my day in half to be out of the salon no later than 3 pm)

- Get home by 3:30 pm shower, get dressed, check suit cases

- Leave by 5:30 pm to head over to my sisters house, she lives near LAX give my Mom the keys to the house (she cat sits for us)

- Head to the airport by 6:30 pm the flight was leaving at 8:55 pm

- chill out till the flight leaves (AKA have a few drinks LOL)


- Our flight lands at 5:45 am

- Get car rental head to hotel for early check in

While Deon is getting the car rental I’m going on line to get same day tickets to the African AMerican History museum you can’t get in with out them, and we couldn’t get them in advance because they were already booked up. We had already decided on our second choice of museum which would have been the aquarium if we weren’t able to get in but we were! I got 2 tickets for 11 am

- 6:45 am Check in hotel drop bags off in the room

- 7:15 am eat breakfast

- 9:00 am take 30 min nap

- 10:15 leaving hotel to get to museum for 11:00 am ticket entry


By this time I’m seriously wondering if I’m gonna make it I mean I got no sleep on the plane maybe an hour or two but the flight was only 4 1/2 hours long. Ok so were headed to the museum and were excited but the traffic and parking um hello is worse than LA. By the time we park and hike up Constitution Avenue it was about 11:45 I was totally afraid they weren’t going to let us in but they did.


Let me just tell you I was immediately taken away while just simply walking up to this gorgeous building, the inside held nothing back the main floor is simplistic and straight to the point there aren’t any major art pieces or exhibits just a gorgeous floor and help desk where you pick up your map to begin your journey.

Deon and I wanted to start on the lower 3 floors there are 6 floors in total, the lowest floor is the beinging the genesis of Africans and their history in the world of trade before slavery was ever on the train table. Highlighting their ability to monopolize within the world of trade because of the continents many treasures like gold, sugar, spices and more.

Then things took a drastic turn, I couldn’t even think to take photos it was nothing like what i expected and far worse than I had ever assumed or been taught in school. There was this vibe I felt in my spirit man its kinda hard to put into words. Once we made it out of the voyages exhibits I began to realize just what i was seeing, feeling ad witnessing for the first time.

Here is are the photos I had the pleasure of capturing:

God was powering my phone and I’m not kidding I waled in at 11:45 am with 10% and walked out at about 4 pm with 1% there was so much to see, so much to read, so much to digest that one day isn’t enough but its all we had this go round. Most of my photos are from the end of concourse 1 to concourse 2. I can say this should be on everyone and I mean everyone’s bucket list of must sees.

The cafe was ok, and I say that with love my Aunt owned a cafe and the food was heavenly delicious something I grew up on so I’m a hard judge of fried chicken and such. But, it is worth visiting while you're there, the gift shop also has everything you need to bring back souvenirs for yourself or someone else.

Back to the itinerary:

- By 6 pm we were back at the hotel and I slept till about 7:30 pm while I did try a double blonde shot camel macchiato which didn’t work we set off at about 8 pm to visit one of Deon’s long time friends. while driving there we saw two deer so you get the drift of where we were driving in the sticks LOL

- Visiting was until about 11:30 pm by that time we were both starving and set off to find food. Now Baltimore is so not like LA we were on a mission to find food and ended up at Clyde’s at about 12:30pm. On the late night menu we got crab fries, veggie burgers and beer.

- Back in the room at 2:00 am


I didnt wake up until 11 am I missed Deon leaving for work, breakfast and the maid stopping by to clean, I was in a comma.

- 2:00 pm Deon arrived back at the hotel and we headed over to Cracker Barrel, and we only had water and coffee after waiting for over an hour in this half empty restaurant we left and headed to chipotle. To say I was disappointed is an understatement I can eat chipotle and day Cracker Barrel uh not!

- 4:00 pm I headed out with A family friend to visit the Mall what trip is complete with out shopping? Not any I go on!

- 6:00 pm i got dropped off at the Cheesecake Factory (which wasn’t our idea) for a group dinner by 9 Deon and I stayed for more drinks and relaxation because Tuesday was half a work day for him and travel back to Cali.

- 12:00 am we hit the hay to get up bright and early Tuesday.


- 7:00 am Wakeup and start packing

- 8:45 am Breakfast

- 9:30 am Online working and more packing

- Noon Deon gets back and were outta the room by 1 pm per our late check out request. We head over for our last food stop to get the infamous Maryland crab cakes at G & M restaurant.

1:30pm headed to return the rental and head to the airport

We had a major layover and didnt get home until midnight and one of our cats had an upset stomach so the bathroom had to be bleached down I didnt get to bed until 2 am and had to be to work to work a FULL work week Wednesday. It was a chore but oh what fun we had, I love traveling with my bestie AKA my husband he is so much fun and he puts up with my alter ego when I’m tired or hungry. Till next time which I think will be more interstate travel bye for now!

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