Bravon Hair Extensions first opened in 2013…

 At the time Chevon was a salon owner and full time stylist, she had just lost her Father to pancreatic cancer. She recalls that time being filled with grief and a desperate attempting to survive the lost. Honoring his memory and building a brand all at the same time just kind of developed together.

As a child, Chevon's Father not only worked and attended college but also owned his own furniture refinishing business that he named "Bravon." It was an intermingling of his oldest and youngest daughters names Brandi & our Owner Chevon.

Personal words from our owner:

"My Father taught me many things and believed in my creativity as a hairstylist so much so that he was my investor in my first salon which I named after our family surname Sharp Cutz N' Color. He instilled in me that hard work pays off, not just financially, but with building business relationships with clients and other business professionals.

Cancer attacked my father twice before; however, his last diagnosis - while he fought the good fight - would be his last. I was back to work within about a week of his burial and my drive was in overtime. I drowned myself in work and found peace in my talents and creativity as a stylist."

Bravon Hair Extensions is Chevon's way of providing women with excellent hair care information, premium virgin hair bundles, professional color and great prices, but more importantly, its in loving respectful memory of Robert Earl Sharp.